Vietnam belongs to the group of leading countries in clean energy

According to a survey of World Bank (WB) in 111 nations, Vietnam belongs to the group of leading countries in clean energy.

The report of WB shows that among surveyed 111 countries, there are only 40% having strong policy to improve accessibility to clean energy sources with reasonable costs, helping customers to use energy more effectively, as well as increasing level of using renewable energy in the countries.

The report also shows that the developing countries as Chine, India, Vietnam, South Africa, Brazil, Mexico and Turkey are the forefront of efforts to increase using clean energy together developed countries.

The energy experts assess, despite being a country of rich renewable energy but so far investment in developing this type of energy in Vietnam is still not commensurate with the potential. The main reason of this situation is not really attractive economy of renewable energy projects. Beside, the barriers relating policies, mechanisms, implementing organization, technological application level have limited deploying the renewable energy projects, as well.

Today, in Vietnam there are many renewable energy projects being developed, despite the energy prices are still not so attractive for investors.

And according to National Power Development Planning VII (Adjustment), Vietnam expects to develop renewable energy sources of 6MW and 17 TWh (6.5% of total generation) by 2010, and 27GW and 60TWh (21.6%) by 2030.