The World Bank supports Da Nang city to develop the Rooftop Solar PV

The World Bank (WB) has proposed the technical support to deploy the rooftop solar PV program for about 150 buildings in Da Nang city.

Mr. Ho Ky Minh Vice Chairman of Da Nang City People’s Committee (CPC) has just a working meeting with WB mission on deploying “the rooftop solar PV program in Da Nang city”.

According to Mr. Oliver Knight, a senior expert of “WB Energy Management Support Program”, since the end of 2025, the WB has worked with Ministry of Industry and Trade for establishing the solar PV development program in Vietnam with a target of achieving a total capacity of 12GM by 2030.

Regarding Da Nang city, WB proposes the technical support to deploy rooftop solar PV sets on about 150 buildings.

Accordingly, WB will help Da Nang city to generally assess benefit of the program, carry out field survey, satellite mapping, consultancy, establishing business model, deploying program and assessing its impact.

Mr. Oliver Knight also said, WB is ready to cooperate with local partners to successfully implement the program in Da Nang city.

Mr. Ho Ky Minh confirmed that Da Nang CPC has a particular interest in developing solar energy and other clean energy and assigns the Department of Industry and Trade to be a point of contact with WB to implement the “Rooftop Solar PV Program”.

Coming time, both sides will continue to act for concrete options to put the program into operation.