3D laser scanning technology application in coal mining

Vinacomin in coordination with Business Administration College – Vinacomin has recently held a workshop on “ 3D laser scanning technology application in coal mining”  in Ha Long city, Quang Ninh province.

At the workshop, the speakers presented overview of 3D laser scanning technology and survey technique which are being applied in Vinacomin and as well as the results of 3D laser scanning technology application in some of Vinacomin members as Coc Sau Joint Stock , Hon Gai Coal Companies and Cam Pha Thermal Power Plant.

3D laser scanning technology is implemented by a 3D laser scanner operated on the principle of reflection as a line of laser light generated from the scanner hits physical objects then returns to the scanner. With the light speed, in very short time (in minutes), scanner can gather millions of measuring points. The data return to the scanner under form of coordinates easy used in graphical software.

The international experts estimate 3D laser scanning technology as “the 21 century measuring technique”, appearance of which expected to replace the current popular electromagnetic measuring method, and become the optimal measuring technique and will be widely used in coal industry of Vietnam in coming time.